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Monica Bacilieri has put all her experience in the fashion trade into a collection of accessories that's exceptionally feminine and expresses her passion for jewellery: hand-made necklaces combining the materials typical of the Amalfi coast - coral, cameos made from semi-precious stones and seashells, carnelian - with baroque pearls from Australia and Tahiti, all in hand-tooled gold and silver settings.

A passion that led to collaboration with some of Italy's leading artisan jewellers. The result is a range of accessories made of the finest materials: a decidedly classical collection that looks good in every situation, even with younger, more informal styles. We can create exclusive ranges of accessories tailored to the preferences and requirements of our clients. Accessories that enhance all kinds of garments in all kinds of styles, from sober and elegant to young and sassy, including personalized cameos and stone/pearl combinations.

At Femme Couture, our objective is to create unique and exclusive products.

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Femme Couture S.A.S. di Monica Bacilieri e C.

Registered and administrative offices:
Via Maria Majocchi Plattis, 22/E - 44124 Ferrara (Italy)

Telephone +39 0532 067113
Fax +39 0532 067115

email: info@femmecouture.it
PEC: femmecouture@pec.it