Our services

The client presents a design for the type of garment they're looking for, and we provide the creative expertise that's needed to turn the idea into reality.

First we make a prototype, and then - once approved by the client - we produce a set of samples.
After that, the garment enters production, with delivery in the agreed terms.

Why choose Femme Couture?

Choosing Femme Couture means the assurance of full operational and organizational support, and optimization of product management costs.
We enjoy excellent relations with our clients, and our team is always available and willing to help solve the minor problems that invariably crop up during design and production.

Our clients

Femme Couture produces women's garments for an international portfolio of clients. Many of our clients are leading international brands who come to Femme Couture for a total look that's feminine and full of refinement.Our creations can be seen gracing the runways of the world's leading fashions shows, from Milan to Paris to New York.


Femme Couture has been a sponsor of Bondi Ferrara, a men's basketball team, since the 2015-16 season.

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Femme Couture S.A.S. di Monica Bacilieri e C.

Registered and administrative offices:
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Telephone +39 0532 067113
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